22. February 2017

How to sell an idea:

“Welcome. You are looking for an investor for your business idea, right? Please, tell me about it.”


“Excuse me?”


“Uhm.. I’m afraid I can’t follow.”

“I want to sell sardines. But the whole store is actually like a circus.”

“Ok. Well, I’m not sure if this is…”

[Interrupts aggressively]
“And every can of sardines has a certain year printed on it, with little facts of what happened that year.”

“Listen, this sounds just… AMAZING!”

“Yeah, right? And the staff is wearing circus uniforms. But not like in a normal circus, it’s all more like a steampunk-circus, with gears and stuff!”

“Best idea I’ve ever heard! I’m in. How much do you want?”

Ok, the exact words might vary a tiny little bit, but a conversation like this must have happened in Lisbon, Portugal. I visited Lisbon during my new years trip, and right in the middle of the city, you can find this store. It’s a huge tourist attraction. The shop is beautifully designed, with a great eye for detail. Everything adds to the steampunk circus theme very well. 


When I visited this store, I started to think about what a great marketing this is. This shop was crowded every time I passed by. Like seriously packed with people buying sardines. Sardines for 5€ a can! I’m pretty sure that nearly none of all the people had sardines on their list. But the whole theme just attracts people to take a look inside. And the year on the cans is simply genius. Everybody is looking for his or her year of birth, and that makes it a great and unusual souvenir for everyone. Because everyone has a year of birth!

Don’t be afraid that your idea might be stupid or weird.
If you’re convinced of it, and you have a real vision of how it might work out, give it a shot. If you are lucky enough, you will pitch it to people that see potential in it and are daring enough to give it a go.

In the end, it’s always the unusual, unseen and surprising things that leave the biggest impression. Just like a steampunk-circus themed sardine store.



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