19. March 2017 by

GTX970 vs. GTX1080

How much performance can you gain by upgrading your gpu, and which software makes the most of it?

26. February 2017 by

Keep your database clear

A simple way to keep your Avid database clear and make it very easy to share or move projects.

22. February 2017 by

Some thoughts on: Ideas

People say there are no stupid ideas, right? What about a steampunk-circus themed sardine store?

20. February 2017 by

Get your alpha straight

Find out how to avoid black outlines and halos when using alpha channels.

19. February 2017 by

Making a movie

A quick review about my movie project for an amazing social project in Indonesia.

18. February 2017 by

Lost in (color) space

How to exchange RGB and REC709 footage between Avid Media Composer and Adobe After Effects.

16. February 2017 by


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